Word games again

These word games have been quite fruitful in terms of writing – I would definitely recommend them for anyone wanting to push themselves to write more. In this case we had ten chosen words to incorporate.


The passion
Spilt upon this stage
Now still with swirling dust
Scores settled
Others wait in the wings
Friends of the trodden boards
The sock and buskin
Connected like chained electrons
Strung on piano wires
Highest of all
The lonesome notes miss
The minor third
Tones of disappointment


Seven hundred (or DCC in roman numerals)

I wrote the 700th poem in my recent poems collection today. Been writing quite a bit actually, so maybe the old blog still has some life left in it. This is a hot shot 50 word piece based on the word ‘indigo’.


Blue black

Hinting at something…subsurface

The colour of a bruise

That has had time to fester

An idea past its time.

You put him in that mood indigo,

An irrecoverable flat spin

As the colour swims towards blackness

On the edge of the real

The edge of the unreal


Word Games #3

This one had words that were a little easier, so I decided to write one line per word and do them in order…


count down from ten
a sketch, a skein of words
a sinfonietta, those sounds you make
poem in hues and cries, in wounds and words
to make me a wooden bridge
all share and shimmer, clip and curl
til I am lost between the notes, foetal between the words
this dance trails us, writers of sound
just glimpses, crystalline, frost on a black pavement, dissolved by a breath

Word games #2

This one is a little long… I wonder if you can find the words that prompted it. Some I think are obvious.


She says the sky is falling down

In that slow spiral way she has of talking

While the watch hands march tirelessly onward

She recites her times tables

Mindless repetition

The cellular multiplication and division

Do not stop the sky from falling down


She says we all must run from the black clouds

Before the vortex eclipses them

Before the hate is sprayed onto the

Front doors of the innocent

Before the kites and larks are like

The fall of a sparrow


She remembers when we were free

And we could hike across town

In garish colours

Without fearing that short sharp shock

The impromptu rap of the sky falling down

Word games #1

Recently I started a series of word games with a friend online. We give each other ten words and the challenge is to write a poem of between 10 and 20 lines using each of the words. Here is the first result:


the bird, still oiseau

sits sparkling arpeggios

those tremulous vocal oscillations

sits framed by an arch of blue,

sky-blue gasoline rainbow

sky-blue right to the corners

like spilled buckets of paint

flits back and forth

quizzical, interested

he waltzes and foxtrots

casting striped shadows

from the morning sun

shadows dance with his foxtrot footsteps

this paper thin moment

stretched over our world

opening out like a bloom