Poetry: On Repeat

summer nights

those old songs on repeat

I fall in those loves again

engage in those runaway reunions

those secrets we kept in corn fields

those promises I stored in mason jars

to break later at my leisure

how we ran away between the water drops

skipped over the water like a skimmed stone

lay together and held hands

at this stage we touched only hands

our eyes pressed up close

like two almost reflected faces

to make things work

one person always has to run away

pack up their principles

and sticking places

run in scored lines

barely touching the fields

in those days we barely touched

those summer nights became

secretive fumblings

became hotter and more desperate towards the

zenith of summer

I stopped noticing what clothes you wore

whether your hair was tied up or not

we barely spoke

the summer flowed out at the edges

and then

the rain

washed away the lights


Something I just started today…

as yet untitled

lean edge of summer
I watch
the heat haze dragonflies
glitch and flirt
semicolons over
this blur of water
shrink-wrap cold

my hand skips like a skimmed stone
dispels surface tension
spray silver drops advance
army tight
trickle quick
haunt momentary winter
cloud vapour trails
refract and split
infinitesimal rainbows

they like bomber spheres
stretched formation
plummet towards
red blue fighters
endless silent screech of
friction rockets

some shatter and fall
crashing smokeless
to the surface
greeted as the earth welcomes
dying metal
crushes in corrosive embrace

some collide
the red fighter twitches blink rapid
shakes off the mercury passenger
pirouettes on a thermal
vanishes like a falling ripple

Editing poetry: Summer in Integrated Circuits

I have mentioned before that there are things I hate about summer…

summer crashes back
against the breakers
like a flayed wire
stretched and electric
dangerous in water
the ions trace fingers
in the current
conduct it
to the point where
you intrude
in our summer

you should shelter
peer through squinted eyes
at the sheens and
frames and shades
sandalwood smell of dark sweat
lock yourself in the sea blue
glass of Bombay Sapphire
dilute the summer
with ice
and ethanol

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Editing poetry: Like poles repel

I wonder if all relationships should have their death poem, like the old haiku poets. There are references to four, count them four Radiohead songs here. I’ll list them to make it easier on you: Reckoner, Like Spinning Plates, Nude and Videotape.

we come apart
like poles repel
in chained words
hung paper on string
shiver like a trill
field lines
double-stitched seams
this lifeless rock
exchanged for experience

am i as simple
bluntly violent
as a hammer blow
dull slump
big ideas
did i shatter you
into glittering tiaras
like poles repel
as you once shattered me
all here in red,blue,green

we wove
a delicate balance
our unseamed fabric
laced tightly into each other
sunk into white noise
the stitches break quickly
when it comes apart
like ripples on a blank shore
like poles repel

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Editing poetry: Heat haze/nude shimmer

I’m not sure what to say about this other than I have some good memories from this summer. It was 2009 and I had decided to start dating again after over a year being single…

the tires unroll
in a thin line to the
horizon like black vapour trails
you shimmer
like electric current
faster than the eye
in both places
you are here
an extension of my
and there
curled up inside your palm
blistering hot coal

wheels turn like a mantra
benign thought process
traces your path
to the place where things
that clinging shrug dress
bright exterior hiding
precise as a mirror

we melt
hot plastic
simple join your breath
frozen in the arch
the body wants to make
you shimmer
like electric current
rapid eye movement
delicate shiver

via Editing poetry: Heat haze/nude shimmer.