Photography: hand

I don’t take photographs often but this one turned out quite well.



Editing poetry: blue dragons on a pattern of gold

I did have a slight obsession with mocking photographs of perspective, especially of railway lines, for a while. I apologise to those who are affected by OPS (Obsessive perspective syndrome) and who are incapable of taking pictures of anything else. I truly hope that one day, society will find a cure.

cool fog over the perspective
railway lines
he scrabbles in his pocket
dredges up
a cinder shred of paper
blue dragon curled around
squat, soft letters
they carve out the weight of things
aware of how they press down
in crush of dark gravity
dextrous flick they imbue
a simple geissler tube with
cold colour light
shape them into words
with weight
bear down cause the thin glass
to craze in lines like the
meeting of black eyelids
expand spread of fingers
grasp at the edges
and shatter
breath held in too long
the powder of crystal fragments
cool fog
over the perspective
of these endless railway lines

via Editing poetry: blue dragons on a pattern of gold.