Editing poetry: ‘You have no idea what love is’ she hissed as she turned to leave

Love is not the same for everyone, and other thoughts of a similar nature… oh the line ‘I am lost between the notes’ comes from the Radiohead song ‘Jigsaw falling into place’.
AsI hit the streets
likehalf an electrode
itis not the same
asthe continuous contact
sparksfrom the wheel
Loveis not like cycling
Ifall in love with the thin-legged creatures
ontheir pointless fixies
AsI gasp through
itis not the same
asthe bouncing adrenalin
resonatingin those friends I no longer remember
Loveis not like a crowd
Ifall in love with the repetitive motion
ofpeople passing newspapers
AsI am lost between the notes
itis not the same
asthis lonely reaching
couplestouching across
cannever be without that
tinybreath of touch
inempty lungs
Loveis not like touching
Ifall in love with the stick figures
hidingbetween the pages
AsI burn between pills
andwhite sheets
itis not the same
asthose movies
wherelove is chased down
itsarm caught before the train pulls out
Loveis not like desperation
ifall in love
withthe breath of beauty
ineveryone walking away
Asi turn this empty glass
incentrifugal blur
itis not the same
asthe clouded confidence of the assassin
andthe dark resin makes him forget
howhe touches them
Loveis not like molecules
Ifall in love
withthe dregs
ofevery failure
traceit in condensation
signmy name

via Editing poetry: ‘You have no idea what love is’ she hissed as she turned to leave.


Editing poetry: Summer in Integrated Circuits

I have mentioned before that there are things I hate about summer…

summer crashes back
against the breakers
like a flayed wire
stretched and electric
dangerous in water
the ions trace fingers
in the current
conduct it
to the point where
you intrude
in our summer

you should shelter
peer through squinted eyes
at the sheens and
frames and shades
sandalwood smell of dark sweat
lock yourself in the sea blue
glass of Bombay Sapphire
dilute the summer
with ice
and ethanol

via Editing poetry: Summer in Integrated Circuits.