Napowrimo day 2

Today’s prompt was about stars. The problem with prompts of course is that they are uni-directional, and can’t save you if the word ‘stars’ makes you want to start writing about the things being god’s daisy chain, or comparing them to the eyes of someone you’d like to have sex with. I have managed to resist both impulses and instead make fun of the ancient Greeks.

Some time ago

When all things were considerably younger

(Excepting those things which did not yet exist at all)

The ancient Greeks

Divided (from the latin dividere, to separate)

The sky into 12 pieces

Each piece was given a name from mythology

Because the Greeks had great respect for their own stories

Leo was the lion killed by Hercules

Scorpio the scorpion sent to kill Orion

Of course, the stars did not fit precisely into such roles

(Aries, for example, was just a straight line)

But they played along and never said anything

Perhaps the problem was that the Greeks

Placed too much importance on the words of old men (with beards)

When an old philosopher as may be

Looked into the sky

And saw a ram

Where all others saw a straight line

The younger people agreed with him

Instead of fetching him a cool drink and

Letting him lie in the shade for a while

But one must appreciate the minds

Of such people

They looked into even the night sky

And saw stories


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