Napowrimo day 1

Napowrimo (or for those who enjoy real words, national poetry writing month) has begun. You can find daily prompts at, although I think personally I shall be more interested in trying to do some writing rather than following instructions.

I have been thinking about writing for a while, but life has been quite frantic. Perhaps this month signals the start of a period of proper writing.

by process of elimination

it may be possible

to determine what I am

by gathering the discarded scraps of what I am not

the cathode fortune cookies

curled and yellowed

assembling them with paste and conjunctions


there are so many more things that are not

than are

I am not a blood cell

or a tangerine

I am not infallible

nor am I a coffee filter

this could go on for some time

perhaps therefore

it is wise to be positive


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