best left untitled for reasons that will become apparent

I often wonder how obvious the things I write about are. How easy to penetrate the language I use is, and the metaphors and images I employ. I am not really worried about making things too understandable, but I hope that you can still find something worthwhile in my words.


On the use of language for power

(a documentary):

just as we inject sibilants

into empty space

he found a void between the scattered vowels

merely the length of a vibration

definitely not a musical note

a rush of ions

yet to be cyanic

he filled the space

with bodies

and he fluttered his victims

with language

let his words, barbed with velar consonants

wash over like royal water

fill in the cracks

we all develop




vaporise like a final breath


these days

we examine our weapons

from every angle

as if to peer at a sword is to blunt it

we still wield clumsily

as children

with little hope of growing up

and we wonder

where the blood springs from

why the letters are torn up

why the sting is repaid by a flash


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