The rest is silence

I’ve been watching the final death scene from Hamlet over and over today. The line that really stuck in my head was ‘the potent poison quite o’ercrows my spirits‘. So I figured I’d write something inspired by that line. I’ve been getting all metaphorical lately, so excuse me. And I shan’t give away what I was thinking when I wrote this by putting it in the tags, as I have before.


I crawl into the elevator  
On the way somewhere
Those concrete pillars
Around and above me
Misshapen, dwindle
I move like slow blood
The doors close behind me
I have to decide
Whether to flee to the basement
Where the drums wait in slow beat
The eyes like mercury
Or to push that same button
I have pushed every day
To rise, sickeningly above
To fight gravity
To follow those listless spirits
And do as they do who know not what they do
In this cathedral
In this lurch of moving space
The potent poison
Quite o’ercrows my spirits


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