Day 20 – Love

After today there are no more prompts on the prompts post I’m using. Does anyone have any ideas for prompts I could use?


The sharp points

In days gone by

All pointed at me

And I said ‘Look at me’

Whereas now I would say the opposite

And by saying it I met you

Always sitting at the front of the class

(I always sat at the back)

You wore that skirt I loved

And clutched your books in slender fingers

And we crashed together like two waves bound for the same shore

And we held hands under the table

And I caught you when you jumped off the steps

In a puff of rosin

And we read together, our fingers entwined with the lines

You touched me like punctuation

We skimmed stones over the tai hei yõ

And I felt my present drift away

Like little fluffy clouds

There was an ocean of you

I could dive into

Sure, sometimes there were storms

And the waves would crash against the beach huts

And the rain would run down the buildings like tears

But, until the day I poured away the ocean

You always had your piano-slim hand in mine

And your smile brushed against me

Like light shining off the ocean


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