Day 15 – Stolen

Finally caught up, half way through the month! Actually I think that’s pretty impressive, given that I was away working for all of last week. I have been writing a lot this past week thanks to Nanowrimo. Thank you, and thank you all for the likes and comments on the pieces I’ve produced so far.


Like a thief

You crept

Into my room last night

I was alone in my too-large bed

Curled up around my books

As a child with its bear

And you planted a single breath

On my face

While I shifted, lilting, between dreams

I never stirred

But in the dream

Your face blossomed like a sudden flame

And I knew then.


What did you take from me

Only something I thought I could never give

And I never asked for it back

Because I never thought I’d need it again

After you

There are no words

No notebook, no pencil

Nowhere to write

You have stolen all this from me

And replaced it with air

Which is not the same

As nothingness.


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