Day 10 – Loss

The milk goes bad in the carton

The cereal is stale

There are too many chairs around this breakfast table

The newspaper is left unread

The crossword half finished


Every time a car rushes by

Those flowers at the roadside

I wonder where you are

Sometimes I imagine you peering down

More often you are just a presence

Gone when I turn around

Looking over my shoulder

You used to when I was reading


When I jump into the water

You are there

Behind my closed eyes

In the rush of the waves closing over my head

You are watching me

To make sure I don’t hold my breath too long

Or let my heart drag me down


When I sit at the piano

Where you would play the bass hands

Or lie on the bed

Undressed for the heat

Of that East-coast summer

You are there

As you used to be

Crossing your hands with mine

Walking the scales

Repeating until the sound

Is lost in the distance



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