Poetry: On Repeat

summer nights

those old songs on repeat

I fall in those loves again

engage in those runaway reunions

those secrets we kept in corn fields

those promises I stored in mason jars

to break later at my leisure

how we ran away between the water drops

skipped over the water like a skimmed stone

lay together and held hands

at this stage we touched only hands

our eyes pressed up close

like two almost reflected faces

to make things work

one person always has to run away

pack up their principles

and sticking places

run in scored lines

barely touching the fields

in those days we barely touched

those summer nights became

secretive fumblings

became hotter and more desperate towards the

zenith of summer

I stopped noticing what clothes you wore

whether your hair was tied up or not

we barely spoke

the summer flowed out at the edges

and then

the rain

washed away the lights


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