Editing poetry: Klimt’s Kiss

I wrote this for a creative writing class. I believe that the assignment was to write something about a painting, and I saw this (The Kiss by Gustav Klimt) on someone’s wall. Everyone had always commented on how romantic it was, so I decided to approach it from the opposite way, as if he was taking her against her will.

Graffiti landscape
Shallow dark fake tan bronze
They collapse in a throbbing vein of colour
They grow from the ground
Parallel, strands of geometry
Circles and squares fit tightly together

Wood and lathe
They move in a spiralling thread
And the turnings fall away
In helical symmetry

Her face is twisted and held like twine
Away from his breath,
The dark hemp of his reach
She thinks of the smooth
Green of avocado
While he rapes her in gold
Tries to pry her face open
With dirty fingers
Pull out the fine threads of feeling
The arched soles of her feet whisper ‘baise moi’

via Editing poetry: Klimt’s Kiss.


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