Editing poetry: Loki’s Punishment

Editing poetry: Loki’s Punishment.

I may have published this before here, but here it is again in amongst its fellows. It is ready now.

Loki is being punished by white poison drops
On his high Norse cheekbones
Dregs of fury, the curse at the end of the labyrinth
He is so distant, held on glittering tendril strings
But only calls for help when the bowl is

Spheres in the cadence of falling
The white waves push the shore
Earthquakes roll out the
Almost-divine curve of moment magnitude
Loki likes the taste of carbon monoxide in these moments
Just so
This fragment understanding of chemistry we have
Is a curse
Blank the slate – shuttle the synapse loom back and forth
Everything left lurking with the full weight of expense, unresolved
Which is no trouble
So long as the men with flak jackets come each day
To collect the rolled coins, oxidised, clean, brimming circles
Bills stamped in red ink
Just so
Loki, like the saga, broken puppet in some cave
What would he do for a needle
A hammer, a place to stretch his fingers
Halt the one way traffic


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