Editing poetry: Dissolved/girl

Dissolved girl is the title of a Massive Attack song, but I think that is where the similarity ends.
I hear you twittering
Your lizard eyelashes
Surreptitious black on black
The words trap all colour
Churn with anger
You touch/
Poise in plunging dress
Long stroke of Neruda’s
Endless bleak binary
Landscape of thin-lipped stripes
And vulture-beak shoes
Is the limit of imagination
This two-tone copy
These drunken stilt-walkers

Pull back
Now I cannot see you naked
Now I coil in my room
Tightly invulnerable
The markings on the calendar
Dissolve in streaming soap bubbles
The floor under my stubborn chair
Develops creaks
I occupy smaller and smaller space
This my hideout
No molecule wasted
Each breath repeated off beat
Return no calls
Hang my friends from the ceiling
On waxed thread
Eventually they die away

I am so sick
Of suspending myself in another sphere
Carving out welded rictus grins
Face-taint chemical
Chase you into the ketamine vortex
With arms outreached
Like toy soldiers
All fall down
All fall down
I will not pull you out of the rabbit hole
This time

Now I cannot see me naked
Now I coil in my room
Incrementally living
Waiting until all the food is gone


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