Something I just started today…

as yet untitled

lean edge of summer
I watch
the heat haze dragonflies
glitch and flirt
semicolons over
this blur of water
shrink-wrap cold

my hand skips like a skimmed stone
dispels surface tension
spray silver drops advance
army tight
trickle quick
haunt momentary winter
cloud vapour trails
refract and split
infinitesimal rainbows

they like bomber spheres
stretched formation
plummet towards
red blue fighters
endless silent screech of
friction rockets

some shatter and fall
crashing smokeless
to the surface
greeted as the earth welcomes
dying metal
crushes in corrosive embrace

some collide
the red fighter twitches blink rapid
shakes off the mercury passenger
pirouettes on a thermal
vanishes like a falling ripple


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