Editing poetry: single frame

This is my newest and I suppose last relationship, although I realise as I write this that I am creating these posts in order, but not scheduling them in order. I am quite pleased with this, although I suppose it’s more about insomnia than it is about the girl concerned…

chill blue half-light
it seems you spend
your life
in long delay
stare at the ceiling
shadow thin slices 64ths
she is polarised next to you
drops hebenon seconds
does not touch the surface

outside – black and white patterns
condense overlap
fine grey rain, silent sparks
fill empty space like
a laugh too loud
imagined prey of a cat
stare until
you can burn
this world to your retina
build fantasy from cinders
press the live skin together
as if it has meaning

pause of breath held
coruscating touch
she turns away
from this frail amalgam
but not back
she is aperiodic
opaque to the lull
of glass-flat space between
lithe in obdurate sleep

Editing poetry: single frame.


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