Editing poetry: Doll

Editing poetry: Doll

I suppose we are now in what we could call my ‘Japan period’. Most of what I wrote in this period is inspired by the people and places I saw while I lived in Japan in 2006.

Sad little doll
Painted rainboot purple lips
Down-sloping smile,
Heavy, always waiting to expel a sigh,
You sit in the same seat every day,
Never moving or smiling,
Sad little doll.
Seemingly so brittle,
Sad little doll,
Your eyes crowded
With eyeliner
That shines like black lacquer,
Each day I imagine your hand
Will wipe it off and leave you
Clean and young,
And you will smile like frost vanishing under hot breath,
Sad little doll.
Sad little doll,
As my days are whittled down
To the shape of a viola
I shall not see you again.
But then,
The way your eyeliner
Is thick calligraphy
Makes the eyes between
Seem like dull empty glass.

via Editing poetry: Doll.


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