Editing poetry: Assembled According to Diagrams

This was written about someone who I believe used to create their life to cause little tragedies in it. It’s rather a fun pastime, although it can be exhausting when done for too long. This piece contains a couple of little linguistic jokes that I found amusing at the time…

You set yourself up for a fall
Unfold paper and pull out the tabs
Assemble the tragedy
Explain it with
Dark, full-fingered gestures
The germs of throwing sharp nails

Tell him why you
No longer wear the ring –
Because something runs
Down its awkward spiral
Collapses with you
Lives in your tired veins

You reason in short form
Condense – 祝いてる
Tendril words
Probing nothing stretching in
Languid misdemeanour like an orgasm
Explain it with those
Complex lopsided shrugs that
Cannot be conveyed
In moving patterns
Ones and zeroes

Tell him what you
Found under the bed
Those flimsy lines
Scratched out on paper
The first hesitant parting of skin
When you were still frightened
By the blood
Something lies under those lines
Buried in the scattered glides
Tell him why you looked


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