Editing poetry: Like poles repel

I wonder if all relationships should have their death poem, like the old haiku poets. There are references to four, count them four Radiohead songs here. I’ll list them to make it easier on you: Reckoner, Like Spinning Plates, Nude and Videotape.

we come apart
like poles repel
in chained words
hung paper on string
shiver like a trill
field lines
double-stitched seams
this lifeless rock
exchanged for experience

am i as simple
bluntly violent
as a hammer blow
dull slump
big ideas
did i shatter you
into glittering tiaras
like poles repel
as you once shattered me
all here in red,blue,green

we wove
a delicate balance
our unseamed fabric
laced tightly into each other
sunk into white noise
the stitches break quickly
when it comes apart
like ripples on a blank shore
like poles repel

via Editing poetry: Like poles repel.


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