Editing poetry: problems linking

I am slightly annoyed right now that I can’t remember who I wrote this about.
[edit] I just remembered! This is the beginning of a new period. Yes a new phase, a new girl. Don’t worry, I don’t think of women as bookmarks. Although…

she is hesitant
closely wrapped in ruched fabric
protected from impact
in the borrowed centre of herself
touches like a wounded animal
poised to run
she does not know how
to feed
after lying dormant for so long

think of it
as two veneers of metal placed
immeasurable current between
close as the steps of a glissando
perhaps feeling that
the people who have more
are closest to being destroyed

think of it
in polarised retrospective
the lyrics you squandered
every drop of sweat
you submitted to the vortex of days
sacrificed time
emerged like nothing
every cell recreated
with incremental learning

via Editing poetry: problems linking.


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