Editing poetry: Prints

There is an idea in Western society that virginity is somehow a precious thing to be prized. The idea of this piece is that virginity, or purity, is incremental. Each part of a body is something that at one stage is untouched, and then may be touched by…

All along your back
Are handprints cast in dark plaster

Overlapping and rushing at each other;
Ink that clings like tattoo stencil,
Small waves of pleasure

Your legs dotted with fingertips
From ankle to thigh
Ridged with jet whorls and lines,
Bruises from falling leaves.

Along your stomach run palms in coal colours
Wide and greedy as the future
Linking to your blood stopping with each breath

Your body is almost shadow
And I wonder if it is right
To claim the paleness of your eyelids
For my own.

via Editing poetry: Prints.


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