Editing poetry: Kits Beach

A little tip for anyone who wants to get something published: just drop in the names of a few local places. Most poetry magazine editors have the apparent intelligence of those people at music shows who scream when the act says the name of their town, and will immediately publish anything with the names of places they know or obscure historical characters regardless of any artistic merit. This particular piece was published in Vancouver, probably as a result of the title. It would be an intriguing experiment to submit it for publishing with different titles in different magazines around the world.

Writing at the beach
Pleasant scud of surf
Papers blow in wind
Ink flies
Of the crushed edges
Of micron letters

Cross-legged on a tree
Driftwood big as bones
Or, bark to our backs,
Turning to the waves
And realising
How small are our lives when our pens see them

Placed like a seashell
On a pedestal
On a breaker beach
Surrounded by sand

via Editing poetry: Kits Beach.


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