Words from my travels

with slight elements of fiction added by the dancing mouse.

C is attempting to create a song at 40bpm…

M: This isn’t 40bpm, you’re hearing it at double speed. It’s 80. 40 is way too slow. 

C: There is nothing wrong with 40!

M: Nothing wrong except that’s where listeners start to shut their ears or risk falling into a coma.

C: [happily inserts another slow synth whale sound]

M: I would come to see you perform just for the expressions…even if you do make old people music.

C: I bring the old people out on the dance floor!

Totally in context talking about flying fish…

M: I can see you using that for an excuse on arriving late at a party: I was talking to a flying fish on the bus and it flew off with my purse.


The 5 year old’s take on evolution

Alice: Humans are not animals. We are not monkeys [gestures at her arm lacking in fur] and we are not flamingos [gestures her arm upward in a wild, birdish motion to demonstrate a lack of wings].

M: She’s right. Humans are definitely not flamingos.

C: It is a persuasive argument…

Alice: And what is a monkey? It is not a human and it is not an elephant. Everyone each has to eat every kind of food [takes a conclusive bite of her broccoli].


She always wants to win at everything…

Alice: Whoever is closest to the cucumber is the winner and I am holding the cucumber so I win.

C demonstrates the principle of false syllogism

C: My only romantic skill is to be very nice to people.

M: That’s an oblique way of going about things for most people.

C: [blinks] What does oblique mean?

M: At an odd angle. That’s like trying to buy an umbrella by going to the golf course in the rain. Sure there will be people with umbrellas …

C: So where should I buy my umbrella?

M: At MEC.

C: Okay. I’ll go meet people at MEC.


It’s really a sort of grey not ugly green!

Alice: I spy with my little eye something that is purple and white and ugly green.

M: Ugly green?! … My shirt?

Alice: Daddy got it right!


Speculating that the cartoon character’s first aid kit can heal everyone because it contains ‘liquid love’. For some reasons the characters sneak into a walrus colony disguised as a walrus, with the little penguin character at the back.

C: What is my bag of liquid love doing doing in the walrus colony?

M: The lady walruses took it for themselves. ‘Look!’ they said, ‘here’s a pamphlet.’ …

I hope the walruses don’t drink the liquid love first. Otherwise that attempt might go very badly for the penguin.


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