Editing poetry: Meleagro’s Tale

Poetry, short fiction and quotations

Apparently too obscure for the English version of Wikipedia, Meleagro was a character in Greek mythology who I believe is mentioned in Paradise Lost. This is one of two pieces that I wrote while in my final year of university, mainly about someone who I knew at that time. I see no reason not to name names, in this case hers was Caitlin.

Meleagro was a boy xylomancer
He knew that he was pledged to a simple branch
Joined like splinters along a vein
Until the wood became ash and smoke
And then he too, would become dust.

So he took the branch in his round hands
And rode it to the coast on his horse’s back
Its rippled flanks shuddered to a halt
At the top of a wide cliff face
The wind stung his eyes like sawdust.

Meleagro clasped the branch
Between the palms of his hands,

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