Drunk in my underwear

Of all the people I’d like to be drunk in my underwear, I’m way down the list, but unfortunately I’m the only one here this evening. My attempt to meet new people seems to have failed, at least for tonight. I sat in a bar watching ‘hockey’, or as we call it in the UK, ‘ice hockey’. It seems to consist of ugly men with their front teeth missing in lots of padding chasing a piece of rubber. It’s like a group of hillbillies fighting over the last condom so that they can do it with a sheep. Except it’s on television.

Anyway, it seems that just observing this facile excuse for a sport doesn’t automatically attract friends. Perhaps they can tell that I have no interest at all. I had a couple of drinks, but I think that the most difficult part for me was picking who I should talk to. There is a bar full of people, who is my ‘target’, for want of a better word? Should I pick the people I’m attracted to, the people who look interesting, or just a random bunch of people? Spoilt for choice, or possibly spoilt for lack of choice, in the end I didn’t pick anyone.I came home a few dollars poorer and without any more friends. So… any advice on how to meet people?


3 thoughts on “Drunk in my underwear

  1. Fuck it. Go home. Put on some awesome music, grab a bottle of whatever the hell and dance my friend. Dance nekkid or in your underwear or pasties and a coon skin cap and get drunk.
    I have learned that making friends with myself is the surest way to make friends with others and sometimes this takes nights at home dancing with the dog, playing Halo and not giving a fuck. It also doesn’t hurt to be comfortable enough in the ol’ skin sack to not give a shit if others aren’t around or offer rejection etc.

    Also. Meetup.com. Do things you like with others. Running, hiking, yoga and use the interwebz to make it easy.

  2. Find people that have simliar interests, or the interests that you would like to currently have / share with others. You’re not a hockey fan, and most of them won’t know who sylvia plath is. I’ll be there at the end of May and we can go dancing together if you like, or dance in your house in our underwear. I’ll cuddle you too.

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