Been busy lately…

And not much time to blog. Or is that a lie? I definitely did a lot yesterday. I wrote, programmed, made a new song, worked out, and I think I even cooked and cleaned too. I also almost picked up someone in a cafe. We’ll see if I get a second chance on that or not.

My mood has been a lot better the last few days. Partly as a result of my psychiatrist basically telling me to get my act together, and also allowing me to reduce my meds for the first time since last summer. But mainly as a result of the worderful Introvert girl. She has been fabulous and we are supporting each other pretty well. 

I think that my favourite thing about the internet is that it has the potential to create a community with such a huge catchment area. Introvert girl does not live even remotely close to me, and yet we’ve bonded and I think become friends in less than a couple of weeks thanks to the modern communication paradigm. Thank you paradigm!

In other news, I have a huge queue of writing to post, and I haven’t forgotten that someone showed an interest in m novel, so I may post some extracts from that too. I’m away in the UK for a while, so I will try to get some things queued up so y’all don’t get lonely when I’m gallivanting around Britain spreading alarm and despondency.



2 thoughts on “Been busy lately…

  1. You’re wonderful! With the kind of support we give each other and also receive from other wordpress bloggers, I think we’ll be able to help pull each other out of this hole we’ve dug ourselves into and become happy :]
    P.S. ‘definitely’ is such a contagious word 😉

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