So depressed today

to depressed to write anything really. I told B that we should take a break until she gets her phone issues sorted out, she didn’t even question it. She never questions anything. But she won’t offer any kind of commitment either. Sigh.


4 thoughts on “So depressed today

  1. Well, you’re the man. It’s up to you to take charge and do the pursuing.

    This woman doesn’t sound like she’s that into you, ’cause most women love commitment. Of course, I’ve known personalities (mostly female) where they just don’t give an opinion about anything. They just let the things in life happen. She could be one of those.

    You need to find a woman who is totally into you.

    • Yeah I’ve done the pursuing, so maybe it’s time to give it up. But she’s depressed and I’m depressed too so maybe this isn’t the best time to decide anything…

  2. I used to be good at saying something clever when people were feeling down. I find it hard knowing what to say now though because I don’t think there’s anything anybody can tell me when I’m really depressed to cheer me up. Soo I wasn’t going to write anything, but instead I wanted to at least stop and say I hope you feel better. Just so that you know I’m here :]

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