Chocolate cookies make me high

When I’m depressed I like to eat sugar, but in the interests of not being a fatty fat fat fat, I’ve decided that I’m only going to eat treats I bake myself. One of my favourite recipes is for vegan double chocolate cookies. I’ve made them lots of times, and I have my own version now. What I didn’t remember is that as well as sugar, these cookies contain a decent amount of cocoa, and vegan chocolate chips (which are also mostly cocoa).

Cocoa contains caffeine. I have a low tolerance to caffeine. When I say low tolerance, let me give you several examples. Once at work, I drank two red bulls in a single day as I hadn’t had any sleep. I got so wired that they sent me home. I don’t ever drink coffee, but there have been multiple times when I’ve drunk black tea and run around the office squealing and giggling to myself, and talking a lot of random nonsense. A cup of green tea will make me jiggly and excitable, as well as a bit anxious. Apparently I had forgotten this. After three cookies (spread out over the course of the day), I am now jittery and frazzly and anxious. Damn you cookies!



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