Cocktails and dreams


One of the bachelor skills I’ve developed (other than cooking, sewing and masturbation) is mixing cocktails. One of my personal favourites is my own invention, the corpse reviver #3, with gin, bellini, yuzu juice and triple sec. It’s a pretty yellow colour and it’s strong and citrusy, the way I like my cocktails. My other favourites are the classic martini, appletini and the black russian (vodka and kahlua). This evening I bought some creme de cassis, and I’m thinking about making a purple cocktail with it. Maybe a vodka one…

Anyway, for some reason although Montreal has huuge liquor stores, they are all wine and very little spirit (in contrast to the people of quebec). Seriously, does anyone need 500 different bottles of wine and only 3 kinds of gin? It is freaking impossible to get good cocktail ingredients here. I have been unable to find bitters (an ingredient in a lot of the nicest cocktails), and as for finding real grenadine (which is flavoured with pomegranate, as opposed to fake grenadine, which is just red sugar syrup, forget it. Montreal, you irk me. Gah!


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