Six months of celibacy…

Does it count as celibacy when you haven’t really had the chance to have sex? Well I suppose I’ve had a couple of offers that I’ve turned down, but I haven’t met anyone I’d want to have sex with lately. Still, this has been the longest I’ve gone without sex in a few years. On the plus side though, it hasn’t really bothered me…

One of the bad things about depression if you’re in a relationship is that it reduces your sex drive. Mine is usually at absolute zero when I’m really depressed. And unfortunately the SSRIs don’t seem to affect it. One of the good things about depression when you’re single is that it reduces your sex drive! I’m not going crazy grinding myself against the wall or anything, in fact I don’t really care too much. I’m feeling ok enough that if there was someone around I wanted to have sex with, I’d be into it, but I don’t need sex right now.

On the other hand, I’m an all or nothing person. If I’m not around something, I don’t really want it. It’s true with drugs, junk food, sex, clothes, anything. I have a feeling once I start having sex again (if ever) I’ll go back to wanting it every day.

Since I like making lists, I thought I’d make a sex list and see whether having sex or not is better on balance for me.

upsides of not having sex

  • Dramatic decrease in the need to clean sheets
  • Money saving on condoms/lube/sex toys
  • So much more time for my creative projects

downsides of not having sex

  • No free exercise
  • No physical contact with another person
  • Something to do on a boring evening
  • Maybe I’ll start to lose my skills!

Hm, I think it’s about even overall. Perhaps I’ll take the next chance I get to have sex…


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