Writing… just to see if you like it

This is from a manuscript that I finally finished working on earlier this year thanks to B. She helped me focus and get things done. Anyway, I may post some things from it if people like them.This one is about a threesome!




somewhere in this layered

cubist collage of touch

it is possible

if one peers from the right angle

to separate

three bodies

pry apart the tessellating edges –

divide this flesh into separate forms

but for a moment s


linked together

a lifeline drawn in blood

for a brief pulse

a quartz vibration

there is something akin to perfection

in this movement


then you collapse back

into your mind

the thoughts return

of how his body is such

styled and flowing

copperplate in the square-nibbed pen

and red ink so distinctive

those complex German adjectives

seem to ripple across him

he is a living calligraphy

and she so

clear and radiant


she bends light towards her

like glass

it follows the waveforms

of the boundaries between

her and not-her

of what is sadness to touch

and what is nothing

your body is so

covered with corrections

rewrites and editing marks

the edges all noise

ink bleeds into the white fibres


the shouting of the fights

that made a simple skin

into this memoir, battleground

each skip dull version of

scratches between the grooves of the record

he holds it up to the light to test if it is warped

tosses it away

this is something too far from perfect


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