My recent sex life

Ok so here it is by almost-popular demand: details of my almost-sex life.

Remember in school when we had to ‘compare and contrast’? Let’s give that a try. Rewind to last summer. Here’s what I had going on all up in my stuff (or possibly up in other people’s stuff):

C (the green girl). My relationship with this girl was supposed to be secret, so no real names and no discussion of how we met or how we know each other. But she was fun. I cooked for her a lot and we got drunk many times. More than once we went through over a bottle of gin in one evening together. Yikes. Highlights of our summer include me giving her Ecstasy for the first time, GHB for the first time (with her consent of course) and spending three hours just touching her in a very PG way while she moaned (three separate events btw). So fun. She didn’t really have any exposure to BDSM and I am pretty kinky, so a little introductory pain was in order, which she really really enjoyed.

Apparently her regular boyfriend is very vanilla and unexciting in the bedroom. I was sort of into the idea of having sex with her, apparently she has a ‘magic vagina’ and most boys can usually only last a couple of minutes. I generally have the opposite problem (I often don’t get off at all), so I thought it would be an interesting experiment. But the only time it was really an option was one night when she was super drunk and I didn’t think that was a good idea (although she literally begged me, which was sort of flattering).

P (The sister). She’s the sister of someone that I almost-dated a few years ago. When she broke up with her husband, her sister suggested that seeing me could be fun. Yes, I got a sex recommendation from someone’s sister. I cannot quite get my head around that. I sort of felt like I should have a resume or something. Anyway I’d always liked her, so we hung out a few times and started sleeping together. She is probably the most sexually submissive person I’ve ever met, and she has an unbelievable pain tolerance. To the point where it’s a little scary. Highlights? Probably more weekends of drugs and sex and delicious food. I think Foxy may be my favourite sex drug. GHB is good for cuddles and relaxing, but Foxy is just… crazy.

J (The screamer). Sigh. My ex-girlfriend. I’m not sure if I miss her or if I miss having a girlfriend, or if it’s a little of both. We broke up at the beginning of 2011, but then got closer again during the year until we both thought we could be together again when she got back into Vancouver at the end of the summer. So I broke off my other attachments and we gave it a go. That relationship is worth at least one post by itself, but in sex terms we were a pretty fabulous match. She is into pain and things as well, and kinky like me, but in a fun way. I left her bruised almost every time we were together. She also makes a lot of noise. Like more noise than anyone I’ve ever been with. To the point where I spent most of my time when we were having sex with my roommates in the house trying to keep her quiet. It was a little distracting. Although sort of fun to have someone scream your name ridiculously loudly when the roommates are out.

B (the young one). If you’re reading this darling, I apologize for referring to you as the young one. Perhaps ‘the artist’ would be better. Anyway, B and I first connected last year on Tumblr, and immediately hit it off. We started texting each other every day, and I don’t think there’s been more than a few days since that we haven’t texted. We also had some amazing role-playing sext bouts. Yes that’s a confusing sentence. I mean that we were sexting each other and role-playing in our sexts! I won’t talk about my feelings for her here, because this is supposed to be a sex post. We haven’t done any sex things lately as we’ve both been pretty depressed, but she is cute as hell so I would be up for more of course ;). The only problem is that she’s young. Very young. Life is cruel sometimes, isn’t it?

So there is is. Nothing much since I moved in November, but add the above to my rave fun, and a couple of threesomes (I’ll write about those later if anyone’s interested) and it was a typically eventful summer.

Please comment if you want more details on anything 😉 . I may not supply them, but asking is the first step!


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