I am the gateway boyfriend

As I’ve mentioned before, I consider myself as significantly female in how I think and act about certain things. This obviously leads me to attract a certain type of woman…

Let’s look at some stats, shall we. Here are the 4 people I’ve dated since I was married. Some people might be irked to not be included here, but if you think we’re dating and I don’t, and nobody ever mentions it… well I don’t think that counts.

Name ante-me post-me
C bi? lesbian*
S straight lesbian
K straight lesbian
J bi bi

Not bad, right? I add an asterisk for C because she identifies as bi still, although if I had to label her myself I’d call her a lesbian. But labels don’t get to be applied by others. Still, 3 of the last 4 people I’ve dated are now lesbian. K in particular went from being totally straight to being totally lesbian after me, and is now much happier.

So, seeing as I’m more masculine than most girls but more feminine than most boys, am I the gateway boyfriend? Am I destined to only attract girls who are either bi or on the way to becoming gay? Probably. But I don’t think I care. Bi girls are fun.


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