Where are all these fish?

Plenty of fish? Seemingly there are no fish, aside from the aforementioned dogfish. I did get one new message, and I’m going to post it here just to show you why I’m not going to reply. Firstly let me say that if her profile was interesting I would probably still give her a chance, but the profile is just as bad. And all her pictures look like they were taken in the 80s. Are you ready? Here it is:

:)Hey amigo,
How r u,Wish Allright simply
let s be Friends n will c
my Email is xxxx n Facebook is xxxx
P.s.by the way Ur British i Love
English accents


Wow. Just wow. Should I put ‘spelling’ as one of my interests and see if that helps?


One thought on “Where are all these fish?

  1. I’m on okc and the best thing I’ve seen is someone with the name “iwearwomenspanties” and i just heard about someone who has the screen name “iwontkillyou”

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