I am a lazy rainbow

My friend Brandon is back at work, hooray. We have been told we should have a show together (and yes I know people say that all the time) because we’re the classic duo of the dumb guy and the smart guy. I’m the smart guy. Brandon isn’t dumb but he definitely acts like it sometimes, which is why I don’t have any qualms about making fun of him. Here are some excerpts of our conversation today. He also dubbed me the ‘lazy rainbow’ because my hair is violet and pink. Best nickname ever.

so you’re picking a house then? 11:09 AM
Brandon :
very shortly 11:09 AM
hopefully 11:09 AM
does it have a garden for you to play fetch in? 11:09 AM
i hope 11:09 AM
or workshop space. 11:09 AM
i hope it has both 11:09 AM
or i can build it 11:09 AM
if you build it they will come 11:10 AM
…and arrest you



dammit 11:10 AM
so no nuclear fusion then? 11:10 AM
remember brandon, uranium has a pretty name but the government doesn’t like you playing with it 11:10 AM
‘but officer, it’s depleted’ 11:10 AM
lol 11:10 AM
awesome 11:10 AM
best nuclear joke ever

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