What’s the protocol? A whole new set of rules…

…seem to exist for online dating. I remember from movies that you’re not supposed to call someone for 48 hours lest you look like a freak. Remember that scene from Swingers? Well that wasn’t quite me, but if I like you, I will in all likelihood be very excited to hear from you and call/text you the next day (phones make me slightly anxious).

But what about replying to POF messages? Ok that’s not to imply that I’ve been inundated with messages in the .. I think two days since I signed up, I have had two messages, both from the same (albeit gorgeous) woman. But is the protocol to reply immediately? In the fast-paced online world, 48 hours is a long time. Your potential date could be married and already measuring for curtains by then. So do I reply immediately since I happened to be looking at my email when my message came in? Or do I wait let’s say 4.8 hours (online dating being 10x as fast as measured by the Zipless scale of hookups, named of course after Reginald J. Zipless, noted statistician and notorious philanderer)? It’s a whole new set of confusions.

Actually I don’t much care about POF already. If I’m going to meet someone online, I would rather focus on my blog and meet someone who has read a little about me in my own words, not limited by personality tests and multiple choice questionnaires. That or talk to one of those cute girls at the cafe.



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