High ceilings of Irony

Reading about finance and the financial world makes me sad. There are very few things that people will not do for huge amounts of money. And on some level this might be ok if they were just stealing from other greedy people, but generally other organizations get involved as well (for example charities) and people fairly inevitably get their lives destroyed. Recently there have been a few multi-billion dollar examples (Scott Rothstein, Bernie Madoff, Allen Stanford), which possibly shows that people are even greedier in a recession, or perhaps that people aren’t getting any smarter.

The reason for this post is a little bit of irony that I enjoyed. Any small amount of irony in such an abysmal world as that of finance is welcome. While reading about Scott W. Rothstein, I found that a colleague of his had texted him ‘choose life’, come back and face his sentence. Anyone of my generation will probably know that phrase as the… perhaps leitmotif of Trainspotting. As Renton walks away at the end of the movie with a huge bag of cash, he talks about choosing life and going straight. I found it amusing that a financier was using the same phrase to encourage his colleague to face up to stealing a far huger bag of cash. 


C’est tout. 


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