On Dreaming

In the last month or so I’ve started dreaming again after many months without dreaming. Maybe over a year in fact. It’s a weird experience. Imagine what it would be like to dream for the first time as an adult. Your brain is filled with all these images and ideas and events which cannot possibly have happened.

For instance, in my dream (and this is true), I was in LA (a place I’ve never visited) at a tv studio, and I left to use the bathroom. For some reason I found myself wandering the streets of LA. Down the middle of the street was a green raised divide, down which people could jog because it was made of some springy material. I tried it out and it was very bouncy. There were people cycling and rollerblading on either side. I was apparently overdressed in a grey coat (possibly the same one I bought for the Montreal winter) and walking around aimlessly. I was just contemplating the likelihood of being shot in Hollywood, when a manhole cover exploded high into the air. Everyone paused to see where it would come down.

In the next part of my dream I was hanging out with Troy and Jeff from Community on my way to a Billie Jean party. But that is just too silly to even recount.

For a long time I had no dreams, then only nightmares, so having dreams at all is quite novel. Tell me some of your dreams.



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